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Warm friend of every household, ground Plazma in the combination with milk presents an ideal meal for every time of the day, which you like to enjoy in, certain in your favourite taste. Ground Plazma in the packs of 300g and 800g gives special charm to your favourite treats since there is no a treat without Plazma. Pancakes cannot be even imagined without ground Plazma and 2 kg pack of ground Plazma presents practical pack for all pastries and restaurants which want to indulge their guests with their favourite treats. Posna Plazma Mlevena is created for fasting season – it presents an irreplaceable ingredient of your favourite lent desserts.

Nutrition information
  •   Per 100g Per portion Per meal %GDA Per meal for adults %GDA Per meal for children
  •   Per 100g %RDA Per 100g Per meal %RDA Per meal
  •   Per 100g %RDA Per 100g Per meal %RDA Per meal