Long back in 1967 when Bambi company is founded, several domestic experts and technologists in Bambi, started to work on a biscuit which is not to become only treat but food as well. Nowadays, Plazma represents a part of family tradition, including a national one as well. It represents quality connected with brand name, trust and duration and it arouses the purest and the most truthful emotions.

Following wishes and needs of the consumers, Plazma has developed itself into entire family of products dedicated for various manners of use. Besides Plazma Original, Plazma range also comprises Plazma Mlevena which is used as ingredient in irreplaceable treats as well as meal replacement when combined with milk. Mini Plazma is there for on-the-go consumption and for additional enjoyment and for gourmets we have Čoko Plazma, gently touched with soft Bambi milk chocolate and fully "embraced" with chocolate, as well as Čoko Plazma Orange which refreshes combination of Plazma and chocolate with flush of orange.

For refreshing break of the day we have Plazma Dobar start which brings combination of Plazma and dried fruits – a ready made meal replacement.

Posna Plazma (in its lent version) is here to support all our choices, important decisions and moments throughout the year, thus offering support and enjoyment in your favourite and recognisable taste and being there with every step you take! The main challenge in development of this product was to deliver to you exactly the same taste and smell like your favourite Plazma! Posna Plazma was made from rice and soy milk and is also enriched with iron, zinc and calcium - elements that are essential to our vital body especially during the fasting period.